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3D printing for real science!

Recently, I sold a hardware kit to a Bioengineering student at UCSD named Chris. He printed up his own version of the Universal Microscope Phone Adapter and sent along a few pictures and even posted up a YouTube video!

Here’s the setup on a microscope.

Chris has been using the microscope adapter with a hemocytometer grid to count cells under the microscope. It sounds pretty interesting! Here’s a couple pictures he took with his iPhone 4S…

hemocytometer with universal smartphone microscope adapter 1

Aligning the camera to the microscope…

hemocytometer with universal smartphone microscope adapter 2

Close up of the hemocytometer using an iPhone4S.

Note: Photos are property of Christopher S Ahn, Bioengineering Ph.D student at University of California, San Diego

In addition to sending a few pictures over, he sent over this link to a video he made with the same setup of induced pluripotent stem cells, differentiated to heart muscle cells, beating in a dish. I have no idea what that really means but it sounds cool.

Chris also says that using the adapter he will likely publish a white paper using his iPhone4S to capture pictures and video for his research. Not bad for a few 3D printed components and $5 in hardware!

If you’re interested in hardware to put together an adapter, send me an email at I also have a few other printed items for free at