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Bicycle jigs and tools

In  the course of building a few of my own bicycles I’ve built quite a bit of my own tooling to hold, fixture, etc… Based on pictures of some of the nicer Anvil and Sputnik tooling, I decided to draw up and machine my own.

The first necessity was being able to hold tubes in the vice. Made a set for a couple different tube sizes.

Photo Jul 17, 11 52 11 AM

Photo Jul 08, 8 59 04 PM

The chainstay tooling is most similar to the Anvil.

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 09 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 13 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 19 PM

Seat stay tool is like the Sputnik.

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 34 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 45 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 52 PM

I used mostly aluminum for everything and machined on a bridgeport style mill.

Frame jig is of the 80/20 variety with custom made bits to interface with the bike. Mounting of the dropouts has changed a few times. The first iteration wasn’t perfect!

Photo Jul 17, 6 52 10 PM

Need your own set of tools designed or built? Let me know at


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I design dropouts. Here’s a couple examples… This first set went on my personal track bike.

Frame 3 Dropout

I build my bikes exclusively welding… no brazing skillz here so I like hoods!

Photo Oct 19, 1 32 09 PM

These cross/road dropouts have a polished stainless cover too.

Photo Oct 25, 4 30 32 PM

Here’s a set that I reverse engineered. A very common dropout supplier was on back order. I re-designed, mocked up with the 3D printer, then had 20 sets CNC’ed.

Drive Side 5

Here’s what the cross/road dropouts looked like part way through the process…

Photo Oct 07, 2 19 55 PM

Do you want your own custom set? Email me and let me know!

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Foray into Thingiverse

After a couple years of designing and 3D printing a number of different gadgets I finally decided to take the plunge into thingiverse. If your interested you can check out and download each of these things here.

A couple years ago I designed up a way to hold my iPhone over my microscope at my desk at work. It makes it really easy to get a decent picture of something tiny without breaking the bank and buying a high dollar camera.

Universal Microscope Phone Adapter

It takes a few minutes to try and get the camera lined up to take a good picture the first time but once you figure it out it seems to work pretty well. Once it’s lined up, it helps if you zoom the camera in on the phone a bit.

This project went through a number of iterations to get the springs correct and the original design had a compression spring between the clips instead of the torsion spring that is there now. Also, the slides that hold the phone were way to narrow to be considered “universal.”

Original Microscope Phone Adapter 2 Original Microscope Phone Adapter

After the scope adapter I decided to use the same design of the slide mechanism, turn it on it’s side and add a spot for a threaded insert to mount the slide to a tripod. That led to this:

RevB Render Camera Tripod Mount

And this morning I posted up a modular tool holder mount for the garage or workshop. Buying pegboard and all the accessories seems to be a hassle to me and it’s way more fun to do a bit of 3D printing. The idea is that you put the main hanger piece up on the wall and then print out each individual piece you need depending on the tool you need to hang up. There are multiple hangers with different sized holes for screw drivers, etc and then larger “hook” pieces to hang up hammers or larger tools that take up more space. I suppose this is strong enough to even hold up garden tools like rakes and shovels since it holds up my 4 lb mini-sledge hammer just fine.

Tool Hanger - FrontPhoto Mar 15, 7 32 47 AM