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Bicycle jigs and tools

In  the course of building a few of my own bicycles I’ve built quite a bit of my own tooling to hold, fixture, etc… Based on pictures of some of the nicer Anvil and Sputnik tooling, I decided to draw up and machine my own.

The first necessity was being able to hold tubes in the vice. Made a set for a couple different tube sizes.

Photo Jul 17, 11 52 11 AM

Photo Jul 08, 8 59 04 PM

The chainstay tooling is most similar to the Anvil.

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 09 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 13 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 57 19 PM

Seat stay tool is like the Sputnik.

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 34 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 45 PM

Photo Dec 31, 4 56 52 PM

I used mostly aluminum for everything and machined on a bridgeport style mill.

Frame jig is of the 80/20 variety with custom made bits to interface with the bike. Mounting of the dropouts has changed a few times. The first iteration wasn’t perfect!

Photo Jul 17, 6 52 10 PM

Need your own set of tools designed or built? Let me know at


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I design dropouts. Here’s a couple examples… This first set went on my personal track bike.

Frame 3 Dropout

I build my bikes exclusively welding… no brazing skillz here so I like hoods!

Photo Oct 19, 1 32 09 PM

These cross/road dropouts have a polished stainless cover too.

Photo Oct 25, 4 30 32 PM

Here’s a set that I reverse engineered. A very common dropout supplier was on back order. I re-designed, mocked up with the 3D printer, then had 20 sets CNC’ed.

Drive Side 5

Here’s what the cross/road dropouts looked like part way through the process…

Photo Oct 07, 2 19 55 PM

Do you want your own custom set? Email me and let me know!